Spinning mop!

Thanks to its revolving design, this mop reaches every corner on the floor, no matter how hard it is. It has been made with the most absorbent materials in order to guarantee the best results. Its low density materials will absorb a lot of water when you immerse it into the bucket and will lose the right quantity when you wring it. Thus, your mop will maintain the right amount of dampness to clean the floor efficiently and without leaving puddles!



KONG Mop Iron™ works for you!

KONG Mop Iron‘s bucket includes a revolutionary system to wring the mop. Just introduce the mop in the colander and press carefully downwards. The colander will make the mop spin and the centrifuge force will dry its threads.
In addition, KONG Mop Iron™ comes with a stainless steel mop wringer to ensure a long life of the product.

Moreover, it includes another revolving system immersed in the bucket, where you will be able to wet and rinse the mop effortlessly!



It wrings without pedal. Everything’s easier!

Thanks to its design, KONG Mop Iron™ doesn’t need a pedal to make the mop spin in the bucket. Simply insert the mop in the spinning base and press. You’ll get an effective rinse.  


Never tried KONG Mop Iron™?

KONG Mop Iron is on sale in physical shops and e-commerces around the world. Find your nearest distributor and buy now your KONG Mop Iron. You will see the difference from the very beginning. Don’t accept imitations, KONG Mop Iron is the best spinning mop on the market!

RRP €49

Long live to your KONG Mop Iron™

Now you can extend the life of your KONG Mop Iron™ with its super absorbent 100% microfibre refills.

RRP €5

recharge kong mop

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